Are you looking for someone to entirely take over your payroll functions, or maybe just someone to deal with getting all those monthly, quarterly and yearly reports done accurately and filed on time. I’ll be happy to discuss various options with you.

Services offered:

• Record data from time cards
• Accurately compute all deductions, including child support and wage garnishments
• Benefit deductions and payments
• Compute company payroll tax liability
• Direct deposit into employees bank accounts or print checks
• Paystubs
• Make electronic payroll liability payments
• Payments for child support and wage garnishments
• Keep track of vacation and sick pay
• Prepare all monthly, quarterly and year end reports
• Prepare W-2’s and 1099’s
• Representation for worker’s comp insurance reviews

Keeping track of all the payroll tax law changes is time consuming and expensive. Quality payroll tax software is expensive. Missing deadlines or making errors on reports is very expensive. Having me help will not only be cost effective but may even relieve some stress.

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Phone: 231-893-8538/ Fax: 231-894-6473